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World War 1 Aviation Tour Europe 2018

See Europe's famous aviation sites and battlefields from World War 1 with vintage aviation expert Andy Parks! 

Andy has visited these sites several times previously. Once was in 1968 with his grandfather Charles Parks who was gassed in WWI. Another time was in 1983 with one of the last survivors of the 147th Aero Squadron. Tour with him and hear what's changed and what's the same from 1918 to 1968 to 2018!

Tentative dates are October 4-12, 2018, so as not to conflict with the 2018 Dawn Patrol Rendezvous on the fourth weekend of September.

The plan is to visit WWI aviation sites of interest on the Western Front along with cultural sites in the Picardy, Champagne, and Lorraine regions, commemorating both the fighting and the experience of France that WWI aviators encountered. Plans include the Museum of the Great War in Meaux, the crash site of the Red Baron (with a discussion of how he died) and sites of aerodromes. On the cultural side are plans for wine tasting in the Champagne region of France and seeing the chocolatiers of Nancy. The tour also includes Harry's Bar in Paris, patronized by WWI aviators and still in existence. Andy is now taking reservations with a refundable $100 deposit. 

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