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World War 1 Battlefield Tour

See Europe's famous aviation sites and battlefields from World War 1 with vintage aviation expert Andy Parks! 

Andy has visited these sites several times previously. Once was in 1968 with his grandfather Charles Parks who was gassed in WWI. Another time was in 1983 with one of the last survivors of the 147th Aero Squadron. Tour with him and hear what's changed and what's the same from 1918 to 1968 to 2018!

Plans are to start and end in Harry's New York Bar - Paris. The tour will follow sites important to the 147th Aero Squadron; prepare by reading the book about the 147th by Jack Stokes Ballard and James Parks.

Not taking reservations yet, but we've already started a list, so if you're interested, or just want more information, contact us ASAP. Email us at