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Red Baron Over the Somme Art Print


When Manfred von Richthofen died, it was near the Somme River. But that was April 21st, 1918. In 1916, as this picture shows, he was also flying over the Somme, but at that time considered it good hunting, during the Fokker Scourge when the Fokkers ruled the skies. This scene shows the Red Baron's Albatros DVa, not as well known as his tri-plane, but it was his most colorful aircraft, with his traditional blood-red fuselage while the wings and tail were painted in a lozenge pattern that worked as camouflage. (Richthofen wanted to be feared when seen, but not being seen until he was ready was a good thing too.)

This is a limited edition (50) print of original artwork by Ewan Tallentire. The DVa is done as a true caricature, not a cartoon, but a slight exaggeration to bring out the character of the aircraft. Not an easy task for an aircraft which in real life already looks like a caricature! The Red Baron himself is shown in the cockpit, and the background of the scene is from an actual 1916 aerial photo of the Somme. 

The printing is high quality on acid-free stock. Size is 8" x 10" with approximately 1/8" white border. The print does not come framed but is suitable for framing, as shown in the pictures. Shipped flat with cardboard backing.

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