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Vintage Aero Flying Museum - Home of the LaFayette Foundation

VAFM SPAD XIIIThe Great War Stories Gift Shop helps with marketing and promotion for the Vintage Aero Flying Museum (VAFM). The VAFM houses one of the most historically significant and internationally recognized collections of World War I memorabilia in the world. The museum also has a significant collection of Golden Age of Aviation (1918 - 1939) and World War II aviation memorabilia and aircraft, including memorabilia from Japan, Germany and other axis countries.

The museum calls itself the "Home of the Lafayette Foundation" in honor of the men who served in the LaFayette Escadrille and the LaFayette Flying Corps during WWI. At the final reunion of the Lafayette Flying Corps, organized by Dr. James J. Parks in 1983, the surviving members of the LaFayette Flying Corps, headed by Reginald Sinclair, asked Jim and his son, Andy, to “carry on the Corps” after they were gone, passing the charter onto the Parks’. In their honor, the name of the museum was changed to the LaFayette Foundation.

Andy ParksToday, Andy Parks, as the President and Executive Director of the Vintage Aero Flying Museum, Home of the LaFayette Foundation, continues the work of his grandfather and father to preserve the history and memory of the these men and of the men and women who have served their countries via aviation in both peace time and war time for the benefit of future generations to come.

The museum website is; follow the VAFM on Facebook for the latest projects going on at the museum.

The museum address is 

7507 County Rd 39
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
(303) 668-8044

Directions: Take Exit 31 off I-76, turn right on County Road 41 after about 1.9 miles, then left on County Road 16 after 1.5 miles, then right on County Road 39 after 1 mile. Go a bit north and turn left at the airport entrance where the control tower is. Drive past the control tower and westward among the taxiways; the museum is the hangar in the middle of the row of six big hangars on the north, the one with open doors and WWI airplanes on display outside. You can park on the road/taxiway in front of the hangar.Aerial view map to VAFM

Be forewarned that bathroom facilities are either the giant unisex bathroom called the great outdoors, or if you are willing to walk back to the control tower, there are restrooms there.